The EuroMillions Syndicate was an Inevitable Project in Hindsight.

When internet nuts and lottery nuts decide to form a business together, the sector eventually chosen was rather a forgone conclusion.

And so on a cold winters afternoon in deepest darkest West London, the EuroMillions Syndicate was finally born. Not a groundbreaking concept by any account if we’re being honest, however one born out of the understood strength of purchasing power (from our experience with premium bond payouts) , and a steely determination to make enough money to fund an ongoing project until we finally hit a major jackpot.

The EuroMillions syndicate was an idea that started, as most syndicates do, between work colleagues, friends and family. It wasn’t ,however, until after we’d researched the online lottery space for better bulk purchasing solutions that we really hit the big time. You see by partnering with our friends (and now official partners) at we found the perfect way to buy into unlimited pre-organised EuroMillions syndicates to maximise our groups overall winning odds with over 600 (yes six hundred) chances per syndicate every week.

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The success of the story speaks for itself, because with MANY wins of up to 50,000 GBP to date, it’s only a matter of time before we finally hit the jackpot (we just hope that it’s a EuroMillions Superdraw at the time : -)

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