Frequently Asked Questions About Playing Euro Millions Syndicates

Can I play in lotto syndicates? Yes, you can play in a EuroMillions lottery syndicate and any other lotto syndicate for that matter. All you need to do is find a syndicate for your favourite lottery games and join, it's that simple.

Can I play foreign lotto syndicates? Yes, lotto players can now play in all of their favourite lottery syndicates online even if they are not currently residing in that lottery's country. All you need to do is sign up for that lottery syndicate, purchase your shares and wait for the winnings to start rolling in!

Can I win lottery syndicates? Syndicate members can play and win in any lotto syndicate that they have signed up for. Players can win in big lotto syndicates such as the EuroMillions syndicate, Powerball syndicate or any other big UK Lotto syndicates. And remember; you can collect any winnings in your own local currency!

Do I need a contract for a lottery syndicate? You may be required to sign a syndicate contract and send this to the syndicate organiser, but you will be able to find any of the needed documents directly from the lottery syndicate website.

What is a syndicate bet? Sometimes you may see purchasing lotto syndicate shares referred to as a "syndicate bet". They work in a similar way to a normal syndicate share but instead of purchasing the actual syndicate shares you are betting on the outcome of the lotto draw along with the other members of your lotto syndicate.

Do syndicates win the lotto? Yes, in fact it is estimated that upwards of 70% of the biggest jackpot wins are claimed by lottery syndicates. And thanks to online lottery syndicates you can now play for these jackpots from anywhere in the world.