International Free Lottery Games For Real Money

Recently we have seen the explosion of "free" to play lottery games emerge online. At first these websites seem like scams however depending on where you choose to play there are in fact some actual online lotteries that are absolutely free to play, do not email spam you and actually have legitimate and backed jackpots with real money.

How Do Big Free Lottos Work You May Ask?

Well to understand the money models behind the scenes of free lottery websites one would have to understand the unlikely sources of their revenue. Advertising and subscriptions seem to be the governing forces that drive these free lottery games. While we know there are globally millions of people searching for lottery each month the viewership is an enticing revenue stream if you are able to some how tap into the traffic flows.

Free lottery websites do exactly that. They leverage off the registrations and returning monthly visitors to serve advertising to their players. In most cases the jackpot prizes are small cash amounts and in most cases the amount of advertising served is something akin to spam, but hey if you want something for nothing then i guess you get what you pay for.

There is an online adage that has emerged from some clever source that goes along the lines of, if you are on a free site and confused as to what the product it, it's most likely that you are the product.

Are Free Lottery Jackpots Legit?

So legitimate free lottery jackpots consist of one of a few models that could be considered "legit" to lottery players.

  1. The big money insured jackpot (insured to payout against the odds of a winner by a third party insurance company or group)
  2. The small micro payout jackpot (pays out limited small jackpots /daily / weekly / monthly)
  3. The incremental payout jackpot (pays out limited bigger jackpots dependent on the revenue accumulated)

Invariably the odds of winning big jackpots on free lottery services are not stacked in the players favour (obviously). Many free lotto games have an extra ball / number that places their top tier prizes into the category of the major USA lottery draws. These odds are very high and when you understand how the free lottery systems work there are human factors that make these the odds of a win and a claim even higher. Thankfully we have a strategy to increase your odds on winning free lottery games that we will share with you shortly.

Global Free Lottery Games

There are a number of free lottery games available to players in the UK where participants are able to enter free online lottery for real money draws or join, free-lottery pools and win real money. The UK has seen a number of free lotto winners and the biggest to date that we have seen is a free lottery tickets scratch off competition held by Free Lotto Fest in the UK where the grand jackpot of £5M was anonymously awarded to a free lottery player in Kent.

WinFree Lottos

WinFreeLottos recently popped onto the radar when they started chatting to us about how competition enables players to get free tickets in national lottery draw syndicates. WinFree have a pretty neat little service that enables you to register in free lottery sites and take advantage of free offers by mainstream online lottery ticket sales agents. We tested their service and it works very well. Essentially they create a proxy account that you can access and claim from with all the lottery providers. This maintains a level of anonymity when playing international lottery games from your home country, whilst streamlining the claims process. They explain more on their about us page here and the players page here.

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