Online Raffle Games

Now you can play EuroMillions lottery syndicates and the world's top raffles games in one convenient location. Simply register a free account, pick your raffle game and purchase shares in a ticket and you're on the road to becoming a winner!

You can buy shares in a raffle ticket or you can improve your winning odds by purchasing the entire ticket for yourself. Some of the raffles that you can play online include the Spanish El Gordo raffle, Summer Raffle and el Navidad Raffle. Players are notified through the website or via newsletter once the raffle tickets have gone on sale.

Play Spanish Raffle Online

Now you can play in Spanish raffles and other popular raffle games from the comfort of your own home. Simply buy your shares in a raffle ticket, or buy the entire ticket, and wait for the draw. Raffle prizes will be deposited into your online account and from there can be transffered into your local bank account.